Matching earrings & pendant: a no-go?

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  1. Hello!

    in past times, matching sets (earrings, pendant, ring and even a bracelet) were a standard.
    Today I hear that it doesn't look good when you wear matching jewellery, f.e. a pair of diamond studs and a diamond necklace with the identical setting. (f.e. bezel + bezel or prongs +prongs)

    Where does this "no-go" origin from?

    Yes, I know, In the end it's always up to me, a question of personal preferences.
    But still: why does it look "off" today when you match your studs and pendant?
  2. I think it is just considered dated to match. I don't think it is really a faux pas.

    Personally, sometimes I like the look and find it very formal. Particularly with pearl stud earrings and a pearl necklace.
  3. I think it's a matter of preference. I don't see how having a matching earrings and necklace could be considered dated.
  4. I think it has more to do with trends/styles & what's the "IT" trend for now. It's also really about personal preference. I actually prefer to wear matching earring & pendants depending on the outfit. I have diamond pendant/earring suites as well as pearl suites. Sometimes, they can look a bit formal depending on what I have on. Classic diamond studs or Pearl studs go with any jewelry & never got our of style or looked dated in my opinion.
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  5. To me, I think there's more an embrace to wear what you want than having to be "matchy matchy." There seems to be more "freedom" in what you want to wear these dates. With that being said, I don't think you have to intentionally pick non-matching pieces either. I tend to wear things that go well together instead of things that necessarily fit a certain box. Wear what you want and enjoy ☺️

    FYI I think this goes for clothes or jewelry.
  6. I love this !
    Thank you all for the conversation, I keep enjoying it a lot.

    btw. I attended a wedding and 3 elderly women (in der 60's, ahem) wore shiny suits, made of silk, one in green, one in silvergrey, they were spectacular, the way the tops matched the trousers. Well, it weren't exactly suits, more tops & trousers, a dress with trousers instead of a skirt so to say. haha.
    When I reach a certain age, I want to wear nothing but matching suits made of silk. :smile:

    Bak to the topic: I am curios how long the not-matching-trend will stay and what comes afterwords. Costume jewellery like during the retro period (
    (1935 to 1950) ?! :shocked:
  8. I thought Mom was such a fashionista. She always matched her earrings and necklaces. No matter if they were fine jewelry or costume jewelry. It's something I picked up from her. I always have to buy the earrings, necklace, and bracelet to match.

    Sorry about the double post. :sad:
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  9. When you reach a certain age,lets call it the age of confidence :smile: you wear whatever you like.There is no right or wrong way to wear jewellery,just what looks good on you. :smile:
  10. I like having matching pieces, but mixing in other pieces to make it less formal and limiting it to either a bracelet and earrings or a ring and necklace. Being someone who's in a constant state of finding her keys, wearing a matching set of jewelry doesn't fit my personality even if I own it.
  11. You should see my smile right now. You are funny! :heart::heart:
  12. Thank you!
  13. I'm in my 60's & I still rock jeans & tops! :graucho: I have matching's usually earrings & pendants. Full matching suites of jewelry can be very formal & my life is more casual now so I like to mix matched pieces with different styles. I like the comment that once you reach the "age of confidence" you wear what you like regardless of what's trendy. It's always a good idea to have some classic pieces of jewelry you can mix in with what you like. As long as you like what you're wearing, does it really matter what someone else thinks?
  14. I'm a big believer that confidence and contentment in what you're wearing matters more than anything else and it reflects outwards when you wear your outfit rather than your outfit wearing you.
  15. Recently I started buying my jewelry in sets, e.g earrings, necklace and ring or bracelet. But I don't wear them all at once, just 2 pieces at a time. I think it looks great and I feel very put together, not dated at all! It's how you rock them. I love wearing my fine jewelry sets with jeans and tees. Wear what makes your heart sing!
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