"marked" bag from and SA?

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  1. Interesting information.
  2. Why? For all they know someone who works for LV gifted it to you. Unless of course that is not permitted.
  3. From what I know is that LV hosts events for employees few times a year where they are able to go shopping for a company's selected merchandise. this excludes LE items.....Everything is sold up to 30% off but is marked so later LV can identify that particular item was sold to an employee....they keep track of the items and employees who dare try to re-sell them. BUT gifting is another story...I don't think there should be any issues with repair if u know the name of the employee who had gifted it to u....even if they don't work for LV any longer. Otherwise if they can't match a bag u can have an issue.
  4. I don't agree with this. Someone (such as a SA) could have gifted the bag to a friend. The friend could have then went on to sell the bag, and now the new owner does not know the employee's name. I don't think it would be an issue; a bag is a bag, and it's not like they aren't making a hefty profit on repairs anyway.
  5. I am trying to get a bag from a seller and she told me marking on the bag is optional. Is that true?
  6. I don't know for sure what's the policy is at Vuitton in term of employee sales, but in most other houses, employee purchases are meant for the employee personal use and for immediate family. The products sold under this program can be defective, an extra sample or old styles and the purchase is discounted very heavily. They are not qualified for the same repair and after-sales services like full-priced merchandise so be very aware when you buy items with these markings.