"marked" bag from and SA?

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  1. Hi, i Just bougth a bag from a former SA. Do they mark bags that SA buy??

    Do any of you know?
  2. Picture here. Se the little dot/circle

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  3. Yes, There is another thread with similar pictures. I believe LV marks bags sold to employees.
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  4. yes, this mark indicates an employee purchase
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  5. Uh, okay.. I could not find any information about it, so thanks
  6. Does it create any trouble for meget regarding repairs? I dont have the receipt
  7. Can you link?
  8. Sorry, I'm not good at this :sad:. But I believe it was in the LV FAQ. The pictures in that thread also showed that circle.
  9. i buy preloved a lot and ended up with a V stamp twice on my items (both were disclosed to me beforehand). it doesn't mean an SA bought the bag, it means some employee did. i never tried to take them in for repair b/c it'd be a dead giveaway that it wasn't a "gift." i was afraid i'd be immediately suspicious or be treated oddly. i think they use various markings.

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  10. Hmmm wow, I never knew of this! Learning something new about LV all the time. This is good to know.

    So does this mean a person with a marked bag, that isn't the employee who it was sold to, wouldn't be able to get this repaired?
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  11. So I'm curious, if an employee buys a bag as a gift for someone and LV marks it why wouldn't the receiver be able to get a repair?
  12. I should've quoted ccbaggirl89 in my comment. My question was going off of her input, and the concerns of the thread starter. I don't know, that's why I posed the question. Do you have any idea? Have you had experience with receiving a bag gifted by an LV employee, or bought pre loved with a stamp indicating it was bought by an employee, and then taking it in for repair?

    I'm curious as to why they stamp it in the first place as well. Any new knowledge is appreciated.

  13. I was piggybacking off of you because now I'm curious too.
    IMO it shouldn't matter, it would be similar to me gifting a bag to my mom. The only issue I could see is if LV prohibits them from selling or giving their employee purchased bags away. But that is just my guess.
  14. Would be nice to know if it matters
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  15. They stamp only the items that sold with a discount to employees.
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