made to order/tailor made/commande speciale - Horizons

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  1. Ah such a shame - seems like they are doing interview (s)? And advertising it through that themselves by sharing projects they are working on, and yet doesn’t allow customers to share.
  2. I think they want the items to be remain private and personal and don’t you think once we share we are easily identified? A Horizon is one of a kind and unique. Not the same as a PO bag from collection or an SO. There is a safety issue as well.
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  3. I know what you mean. They do need to advertise the service. What they use is Horizon items which are made for sale in stores eg the table football, skateboards, surfboards which isn’t specific to any customer. It is hard to hide a yacht. But at the end of the day they would not share information or photos of the projects which are done for individual customers unless the customer agrees. Also the designs remain Hermes property.
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  4. I understand about the proprietary design, like the personalized apple holder, reminds with Hermes. Not saying anyone wants to share their horizon products here; but let’s just say someone wanted to, but it’s not... allowed? Did they make people sign a NDA before working on a design? Not critiquing, just genuinely curious. Thanks in advance!
  5. No. It’s up to one’s discretion.
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  6. This exactly.
    For the record, we were never told by H not to post/discuss publicly.
    We were, however, not allowed to take any pictures inside the actual workshop area when visiting.
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  7. Yes because there are mock ups of other customers’ projects there. ;)
  8. I can completely understand about pix not being allowed inside the actual workshop area. I thought the existing customers were told not to share their own products outside of Hermès because Hermès restricts people what they want to do with them after they are paid for and left the store. Good to know that’s not the case! I was going to say my blind loyalty would end right there, if I were told what I can do or not do with my own things. :lol: But for now, my loyalty is fully intacted and considered me sold! Well, perhaps if and when I could spare ten thousand or something like that for an apple carrier! :biggrin:
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  9. This is so glamorous! I don't think I will ever have a budget like that to produce anything though haha!
  10. Interesting...Michael Coste just posted a picture with a client carrying a custom Horizon bag she had made by Hermès. Coste mentioned it in the description too.

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  11. Which is fine. She is probably comfortable with being identified.
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  12. And it's a dog carrier....there have been quite a few of those made since there's no longer one in production AFAIK (no idea if all are similar).
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  13. That's what I thought but didn't know how Lola was gonna breathe.
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  14. Yeah I’m sure it’s fine I just thought it was funny that one of Hermes’ own employees posted a horizon piece on social when they usually discourage posting about it on social media.

    Oh I had no idea they made dog carriers!
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  15. Everyone at Hermes seems to follow the rules except this one guy. Normally SAs aren't allowed to lunch/ Costes/ holiday/ play bag tug-of-war with their clients either. :doh:
    And Horizon will make you anything, that's the point. As long as Artistic Direction approves. And it's quirky.
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