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  1. Interesting indeed!
  2. I have heard that the new suhali colour is CAMEL:love: I hope it is the same hue as on the trianon range (I have the poids plume and the trim is such a stunning colour). I have some photos of the new bags (which will be launched later in the year) but unsure how to post them:cry: there is also a new damier tote too!!!
  3. Ooooooooooo I'm so excited about a new suhali color and style. I loveeeeee suhali
  4. I so want a white suhali pump!
  5. oooo the denim in pink! I can't wait to see that, as well as the new Suhali bag/color :biggrin:
  6. My guess is that the perforated speedy will be really wicked !! And yes, I can't wait to see that camel suhali too. Camel...Suhali leather...., they're meant to be together. How come they didn't think of that earlier. :love:
  7. hi,:idea:
    is the coloured Denim came in the same pattern/style bags like what they have now in the store or they came in the new parttern/style ?

    Pink Denim....sound cute.........:amuse:
  8. I got to flip through the book last night and it looks like it's all the same styles as before, which kinda sucks cause I was told by the manager that they were coming out with new styles in the spring and I was holding out to see the new stuff before I bought a denim bag. The pink is pretty bright, the green is more of a olive-ish color and I guess it's more washed out looking in person.
  9. thank's for the reply :P the denim pink did sound intresting to me...oh...that mean they have diffrent colours of denim in the denim range just like the Epi i right ?
    cant find any new denim colour pic at the net :sad:

  10. sorry, i'm not so good at explaining things... the denim line now has 3 colors. the regular blue, pink and, green
  11. The denium line is coming out in pink & green? They are killing me. I love the denium!
    I have the neo speedy & finally got enough money to buy the matching sandals.
    They have to stop or I'm going to be broke.
  12. Mya - a purseforum member recently posted pictures of the perforated speedy from a Vogue magazine. I'll see if I can find it but if I don't get back to you, just search the forums for Vogue magazine.
  13. Is there supposed to be a new murakami collection?? I would so love that :love: Something cute to replace the cherries (which I like as well, but new is exciting :biggrin:)..
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