LV Spring

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  1. I've been meaning to put a post about this, but I got distracted by my ball bag vs. fendi b bag vs. mj stam quandry....

    Anyways, I went into LV to ask about the Damier Speedy. The salesperson was REALLY nice and she also showed me the whole Spring look book. A number of styles are coming out in the LV mono with perforations--the dots are uniform. There's a "backing" to the perforations, they're not "open" like the random holes that are scattered on the new MJ bags for spring. The backings come in hot pink, green, and I think orange... I can't remember the specific shapes, but I remember there was a variety between wallets, small bags, medium sized and maybe one large bag.

    They're also coming out with a rounded hobo in two sizes in the LV mono. It looks a bit like this MJ in terms of general shape. There is a center placed push-lock--both styles could be worn on the shoulder.

    The denim line is coming out in pink and green too--I might have seen yellow too, but I can't remember since I'm not a big fan of denim.

    They also had some of the suede stuff that's featured in the current ads. The bag with the suede flowers is only going to the big stores. There are a few other bags with the flowers too. Most stores are just getting the suede bags in yellow and brown.

    If you go into your local LV, ask to see the little spring book. It's a little 4x5 book that's spiral bound.
  2. Wow.. NICE! Thanks wicked! You answered my Q regarding if the rain can seep thru those little holes.
  3. No problem--hopefully the descriptions made sense!
  4. wow! when are these bags coming out? i wanna see the mono hobos! i love hobos. haha.
  5. thanks for the info! i really want to see this colored denim now...
  6. Thanks for sharing! Those pink rainbow denim bags sound, erh...interesting.
  7. Yeah--the denim looked interesting. Sorta like stuff from the 80's to me. But I can see if you're young or if you want something really fun they might work....

    I think the salesperson told me that these things would come in from around late February on since it's the spring/summer stuff....
  8. i saw the lookbook last week. the only thing i really liked was the perforated pochette style.

    the colored demin wasn't too appealing. i'm not a fan of the denim line at all. paying over a grand for demin ...i can't seem to justify it! the only style i seem to like is that neo-speedy (name?)
  9. yeah the reason i want to see the denim is to see how they made that appealing. green denim sounds a bit could be cute though...maybe?
  10. The LV perforated mono looks like this. Got this from another site. Not sure if someone else had already posted one.
  11. Not so sure about the pinky greeny thingy.....:wacko:
  12. Did you also see the new style suhali bags and new suhali colour?? I like the onatah range..especially in the brown:biggrin:
  13. ^Anyone have a clue what the new Suhali color will be?
  14. there's new suhali stuff???!!! ohhh, I want to see:P

  15. does anybody know if the perforated bags are limited or are going to become a permanent LV collection like the denim bags?