LV Side Trunk?

Apr 25, 2007
YK is an insanely heavy piece. Every CA that has ordered the piece for someone agreed with me -that it’s a very pricey paperweight lol

It really did make me sad, to bring the bag in and ask for a return.

The silver metal that LV used gets scratched easily. Whoever had the bag before definitely used it and returned it. Took photos the day I received it, because I had a feeling I would run into problems with a return. I’m not exaggerating when I say that the metal looked like it has seen more use than my LV bags, and their hardware, that I have had for 5 years.

Decided to go with monoglam because it’s lighter, and I like how the bag looks slouched and unslouched. I originally ordered the monoglam speedy, but was bummed about the non-extended zipper.

Had LV made a black leather side trunk with gold hardware, I would have been sold the instant it came out (what I was originally hoping for last year).
I totally agree with the black and gold!!!


Jul 11, 2021
Everyone that had the mono version, how are you finding the vachetta? I heard it’s treated but wondered if caught out in the rain if it still marks as easily. I have carbon pro that I use on some of my bags but I was holding out for the all black side trunk in November to be worry free… but the mono is soooo nice