LV pochette or Tiffany necklace?

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  1. Tiffany necklace for sure! the pochette is not practical at all its sooo small you have to carefully fit everything in and when it gets too stuffed it looks ugly..... then theres the obvious counterfits and too many people have the monogram pochette anyways (i'm assuming you want the monogram one.)
  2. thanks everyone! I'm still debating but I love both lol. No, this wouldn't be my first LV at all but I had sold my pochette and wish I hadn't as I love it for when I don't want to carry much. I hate making decisions!
  3. Buy the LV.
  4. I say the Tiffany's since it seems like you've been wanting it for so long.
  5. If you've been wanting the necklace for a long time, get it. If its a classic piece, you'll get a lot of use out of it.
  6. Ditto. Plus there are so many fake LVs that you might want to wait and see if you're still in love with them before.
  7. Lv for sure :smile:
  8. I say the necklace--especially if it's something you've been wanted for awhile. The pouchette is something that you may "grow out" of as you get older. As long as you love the necklace, you'll always pull it out and wear it, even if it's not the "in" thing...
  9. As much as I love Louis, I would say the necklace. I love it, it's adorable and you can probably wear it to more places than the pochette !
  10. I would pick the LV, just because I'm not a jewerly person.
  11. I'm the same as you..I love both LV and Tiffany!! I have quite a few Tiffany sets and love them all..the round tag is especially cool IMO. It would be a hard decision but I had the cash a few months ago for either an LV or a Tiffany piece so I bought the new atlas charm bracelet and a money clip for my BF. But now I definately think my next purchase will be an LV. Just try to imagine what you would use more-I use my speedy everyday but also wear one of my Tiffany pieces everyday too-hard choice:smile:
  12. I think this is the wrong place to ask.. this forum is full of bag lovers, not necessarily jewelry lovers.. whatever you think will be more special to you is the right choice. Perhaps if you can, save up more so you can get both? hehe.
  13. Megadane how is your dog???? I hope much better :smile: I am working on getting one of the Tiffany necklaces. Glad to hear you like the oval! I think it's a classic piece that I could wear with a lot.
  14. i'm putting my vote in for LV!
  15. My two cents...skip the Tiffany (it is old news/outdated) and save your money a bit longer don't just buy the pochette...treat yourself to an even finer LV that is not as easily purchased by others. Plus, as you age you will have a finer bag that you will continue to use.