LV pochette or Tiffany necklace?


Feb 22, 2006
I've been wanting a Tiffany oval tag necklace for a long time. Finally found an auth one for $150 but I had planned on using $ for a regular pochette or saving for the panda one.

What do you all think of Tiffany, would it be worth it? Not much of a jewelry person, tend to wear just diamond studs, but see people with the oval tag and think it looks nice and classic.

Any thoughts?
Twinklette, is this going to be your first LV purchase? I think it makes a difference if it's just another LV purchase versus your first LV purchase.

I can relate to the oval necklace...the other day I saw a girl with it and I want it right there and then!! =D I was never into the T-tag necklace until a couple weeks ago! You know they can engrave your initials on the tag right?

Anyway, I love my tiffany jewelry. They're classic pieces and will last you in the long run. Just like most LV. I'm not much of a help am I?

I guess what I'm trying to say is that I'll go for the necklace because you can hold it close and dear to your heart :smile:
Twinklette said:
There's something about that darn necklace though that makes me want it lol. Maybe it wouldn't look as good on me as everyone else :smile:

I say don't get the necklace. I knew a girl who wasted all of the extra cash she saved on one and only wound up wearing it a few times. It doesn't look good with everything and she got bored of it. :sad2:
Wait until you have enough saved for both and buy both in the same day!!!! I love Tiffany's and LV. So I would never be able to decide. Do you already have an LV? what about a Tiffany piece? If you don't have one of those get that first.
For sure the LV. I think the tiffany tag necklace and bracelet is kind of last year! (well, it is where I live) I wore them about 3 years ago and ...only a few times, and they have sat in a box since then. I would get a Lv. I was reading my Town and Country magazine last night and came across a great consignment shop called She had a great speedy 25 for a great price! Great conidtion and would be a great first LV. (NO the bag is not mine...) Just sharing a good find!
i say go for the lv. my bf bought me the heart tag necklace for xmas a few yrs ago and i wore it only a handful of times...i feel bad b/c it was expensive for what it is. my lv though, i would never get tired of