LV Multicolor: anyone knows how it ages?

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  1. I love the shape of the shirley, but it's not very practical - you can't fit a whole lot in there. My MC cles has begun to flake, and it's really, really sad. I've seen another girl's speedy actually start to lose the "LV" symbols as it was flaking so badly.
  2. I have the black MC pochette but I've only used it a couple times so no flaking.

    I have seen used ones on eBay thought and like someone else said- you can see the chipping on the corners.

    The LV coated canvas has lots of little bumps and where those bumps are raised- that's what scrapes off.

    Same with the flowers on the cherry blossom bags- they will scrape off. I love my CB but I never use it b/c I don't want to mess it up.
  3. I prefer the Shirley, as the pochette is too common among teenyboppers. Plus, the Shirley can be carried as a clutch.
  4. I love the Shirley!
  5. The shirley is very cute --- but the mc pouchette can fit alot and it is by far more practical IMO -- I have never had any problem with my mc .. I actually orefer the black mc LOL