LV Multicolor: anyone knows how it ages?

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  1. Hi, I'm just wondering if the white background of the LV multicolor turns yellow or changes color as it ages. I know white leather does, but how about the canvas? Is it easy to keep clean?

    Also, which of the two bags would you go for? The Accessoires or the Shirley? I'm thinking of someting small as i am not a fan of logos but love the white background!

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  2. the accessoires looks so much better!
  3. Shirley all the way! I love the unusual mod-retro shape, and the bright hardware! I just think it's more classy and unusual than the pochette. So pretty ... hope you get it! :love:
  4. sorry i got confused!! i meant the shirley! i prefere the shirley!
  5. The Shirley is so cute!

    One thing you have to worry about with the Multicolor is the paint flakes. It bascially just chips off...I can't remeber the term that is in the handbook I got with mine, but yeah, its a little upsetting! I don't use my MC items that often. My white one has been in its sleeper for over a year now and I sold my black pochette. It is easy to keep clean though since it is coated canvas.
  6. I have the white multicolor speedy 30 and the white multicolor theda. I have had them both for over 2 years. They age absolutely wonderful. I do keep them in their sleepers when I am not using them. The white is as white as it was the first day I bought them as well as the bright colors. The only thing different is the handles have turned a golden honey color over time. Hope this helped.

  7. the paint flakes??? eeks! for something that cost that much! :sad2:
  8. I think the shirley is nicer :biggrin:

    I have an MC speedy and it hasnt given me any problems. No dirt has gotten on it and the color is just as vibrant as when I first got it. I do keep it in it's dustbag and take other precautions so that it doesn't get dirty, but on the whole it doesn't seem TOO easy to ruin it. For a while I used it as an everyday bag :biggrin:
  9. Yeah they call it "fading" in the booklet. But it is actually chipping of paint! It happens first in the corners of the bag. I was so choked when I saw this happening on a bag that was pretty much new! :cry:
  10. The shirley is cute and you don't see it around as much.
  11. I love the Shirley. It's such a smart shape. Now the pouchette reminds me of a young girl's bag. The Shirley is much more sophisticated and at the same time still hip.
  12. I have the multicolor speedy in white and have had no problems with it for the two years I've had it.
  13. the Shirley! such a beautiful bag... =>
  14. i love the shirley too!
  15. I really like both! I have the pochette in white. Mine has not faded either. I have the multicolor in black in other bags and wallet etc.. the color has not "faded" yet.