LV Damier Speedy 25/30 wait list now in effect

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  1. a damier speedy 25 would be so awesome! but i'll have to wait... balenciaga has been assaulting my finances as of late :lol:
  2. I think I may just need one of these come celebrate turning 39 for the second time! :lol:

  3. I wanted a Cerises Speedy but they are gone now. I'll have to pick one up on Ebay in the future when everyone wants to sell theirs (hopefully!).

    I'm not sure if I want the Damier Speedy b/c I'm not a real fan of the Damier design but I saw a picture of a special order one and it looked really cool with the Damier canvas. Maybe I'll get on the list and when they call me I'll drive to Cinci and see if I really want it or not.
  4. i think i'll just post that pic again for those of you who aren't sure :biggrin:

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  5. Gorgeous bag!!! Can't wait...wish that we could get an actual answer from LV. It seems like everyone has been getting different responses from various SAs.
  6. :shame: I'm new here and I don't mean to brag but I already have the Louis Vuitton Damier Speedy 25. I ordered it in October and received it in December. I love my bag so much I use it almost every day. I also have the Monogram Speedy and the Cerise Speedy please don't hate me. I just love the Speedy so much its my favorite Louis Vuitton bag. The thing I love about the Damier Speedy is that the handles will never get dirty like the monogram one does.:biggrin:
  7. You're right! I do hate you!!!!!! J/K!:lol: So your experience is great, huh? I like the fact that the handles won't get too dirty either. How does it sag compared to the mono speedy?
  8. Did you have to give them a credit card #?

    I just called LV in South Coast Plaza...and they wanted a credit card to be on the list... they also said the bag won't be out until June.
  9. I second that... Damier and Monogram are both made from canvas. Therefore they both have equal "sag-potential".
  10. I also called SCP.. I had to give my name, cc #, address, & phone # where i can be reached. they're gonna charge the card once the purse gets in and i guess i can either go pick it up or she said they would ship it.. i'm just looking forward to hearing that phone call now. :amuse:
  11. I just got the epi 25 speedy in mandarin...At first i thought the color was insane and there was nothing that would match..but it matches everything..i love it!!!
  12. In my opinion the damier speedy 25 doesn't sag as much as the monogram canvas one did.:amuse:
  13. That's great, congrats! I was thinking about heading to the mall earlier today and giving my info to LV for the Damier Speedy 30, but I think I am going to go with the Epi in mandarin instead. I have a Damier bag, and I love the Epi leather, it's gorgeous. Enjoy your bag :biggrin:
  14. Well that's it! Tomorrow besides making numerous other phone calls, I'm going to call my LV and see what the haps is on the Damier Speedy!!!! I think they're the only store that doesn't know anything!!!:Push: