LV Damier Speedy 25/30 wait list now in effect

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  1. You can now get on a wait list at your local LV boutique for the Damier Speedy 25 or 30. The SA's are estimating the bags will be about $600 for the 25 and $700 for the 30. The debut date is set for June.

    I might be giving Cinci a call to put me down for a 30 :lol:
  2. 0o0o0o, i better call the LV store, i hope New Zealand gets them, i really want to see what it looks like!!
  3. It seems like there's not a consensus on the price or the release date. In another thread there was some confusion regarding what different sales associates had told customers. $700 or $600 for the 25; February or June. I sure hope you're right about the price, because I like it much better than some of the other estimates!
  4. if u already have a few speedies, do u think it's still a good idea to get a damier?......i feel like it'll be a lot more durable and hold its shape better, but i wanted ur opinions on this...i have the speedy 30 in regular MC and the speedy 25 in the monogram i really need another?....but then i think to myself it'd be kinda cool to collect different types of speedies.....the MK, etc.......
  5. I'm all for it! I have the MC, and I want the Epi for sure. Still not certain about the damier. Lucky you to have a cerises speedy!
  6. I want to get one for my mommy!
  7. I love the shape of Speedy!!! I just love the shape and won't mind collecting them if I have the money now. I think the damier speedy will be very special.:biggrin:
  8. hehehe, ;) you've already started something great, so, i think you should continue! heheheehe!!! :biggrin:
  9. I'd love a Damier Speedy 30. June is a good bag-buying time for me. Birthday money, tax return... hmm, it will be a tough decision between the Damier and Epi Speedy in mandarin.
  10. Treat yourself and get all three ;) (I'm seriously thinking about it...hehe).
  11. i just put my name on the list!
  12. That is the same decision I'm trying to make!
  13. Why is my LV store saying there's not a waiting list?! :huh:
  14. Why would it hold it's shape better? It's still canvas...

    I say go for the damier speedy! :amuse: It won't be redundant especially since damier is so different from mono. Plus it's an all-weather bag. Collecting speedies would be cute, I can imagine your future speedy collection now!
  15. great!! time to call my LV and put myself on the waiting list. damier speedy 25 here i come.