Anyone know it???

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  1. I agree however, this is not a department store, this is the gucci flagship, and they have to be very thorough and deserve the right to keep the item if it s not real.
    I am happy with my purchase.
  2. I have had a problem with a louis vuitton handbag once, and i have learned my lesson.
  3. I've never heard of any stores confiscating a bag if it isn't real.

    If you do get a chance, I know others would be interested in seeing pictures of your purchase, especially if it was a good price.
  4. yes will definitely post and it was a great deal!
  5. i have had actually in Paris, Louis Vuitton has confiscated my bag!
  6. now i am looking for genuine bottega veneta do u have any sites u would recommend but affordable prices.
  7. This is the gucci messenger i got. Love it! it s sort of a classic piece. Sorry for the pics, my first time ever posting wasnt sure how to do it:smile: As far as the D&G my sis borrowed it so as soon as she is back i ll post cause that s even a better one.

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  8. Hello! I live about 20 miles away from the Luxury Magazzino in VA. and I have discovered that they carry authentic merchandise. I don't know how valid their website is, but the merchandise is AUTHENTIC! For a minute I took everyone's word for it and assumed that this company was a scam. I wonder if the people on this site are just trying to keep something from everyone. I'm not saying that everyone on this site is indeed trying to hide something, but it just feels that way given to how wrong some of the statements were. I guess I should conduct my own searches instead of just relying on everyone else to do them for me.
  9. I live here in Northern VA and I had to step up and comment about Luxury Magazzino. I have clothing from 2006 in my closet right now, ALL authentic. I have visited the warehouse with large boutique buyers from all over the world. I have never seen a fake during my visit. I am not saying that some of these articles aren't true, but I have never seen merchandise made from China sold by Maggazino. Guess it's time I paid them a visit in Tysons Corner.