Anyone know it???

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  1. Has anyone heard of this company? My niece wants to buy something from them. I told her I would check it out with you all first. Do you think they are authentics??
  2. No, they are big ol' fakers.

    The company was recently purchased and is under new ownership. They show a "booth" at eBay live that clearly has two Louis Vuitton bags on the table.

  3. hadn't heard about it ,
  4. Wow, a lot of conflicting reports. It looks like they may have at one time been very reputable but not any more.

    I will tell my neice to run away as fast as she can!

    She was just about to buy sunglasses from them.

    Thank You!!
  5. What you are saying about it not the truth.
    They do only sell 100% authentic Merchandise and they are the only company who has 24 Hr. return policy without any question asked!!
    plus u r guaranteed by your credit card? if you ever find the merchandise was fake, then u can do a charge back :smile:
  6. Hi I'm Sarah. I joined this forum especially to WARN EVERYONE STAY AWAY FROM LUXURY MAGAZZINO (Magazzino Italiano LLC, Shwan Kassim) and also his other business MINALILI OUTLETl They, or he (Shwan Kassim is his name)... STOLE all my money $2000 AUD, and sent me a big box of fakes, nasty cheap, FAKES!
    I tried to contact them regarding the " Money back guarantee' and of course I have been ignored.
    LUXURY MAGAZZINO is knowingly and willingly ripping people off and selling FAKES!

  7. Hello,

    I am back because I made huge mistake. Luxury Magazzino sell only authentic products. I made a mistake due to mu inexperience. Please feel confident in buying from them, they do certainly have an honest business. I am very sorry for my mistake.
  8. why have you changed your mind ...?
    did the stock end up being authentic ...?
  9. I would not recommend because they do not take returns on marked down items (everything). Also, they only links to fake bag websites in their links page.
  10. sounds strange - have you got your item authenticatet here in Tpf ??
    try to use google and you will find threads like this

    2 Mar 2009 ... I got scammed by an online company luxurymagazzino website also called Magazzino Italiano LLC
  11. I had bought a d&g bag from them.. came in perfect condition, original dust bag..after reading your posts, i got worried so i took it to the sloane st. d&G shop and they confirmed the authenticity. So i just recently ordered a new Gucci bag from them.
  12. I just received my new Gucci messenger, it is last season but again authentic. Came with a proper dustbag, and serial number. Just to make sure I took it over to the store, and they said it s all good.
    And I must say I think the best way to authenticate is to take it over to a shop otherwise, sometimes, the pic quality can be misleading about color and style.
  13. Often sales associates cannot tell real from fake. If you want to be sure you really should post pics in the Gucci forum.