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  1. Gosh i so love th squishiness of LP bag. LOL
  2. that bag goes fast! Someone bought it. Congrats to whoever the person who bought it!
  3. damn...i so wish i had seen it earlier.... next time i guess....

    i need to have cooper send out "emergency text alerts to my phone" so i dont miss these deals... lol
  4. OK, who got the Lola???
    I want to thank that person, because I really wanted it but had no business buying it!!! LOL!
  5. yeah, who got her..... she is a beauty! enjoy her!!!
  6. It is a great style purse! I don't know am i brave enough to carry a bright orange yet.
  7. Bluefly is having an additional 10% off sale today, and there are many LP's!

    The Quilted Dylan Cutch that I just bought in both Black or Whiskey is now $114.99 (look for coupon codes in the deals & steals thread for more savings!), Piper Weekenders in both Black and Taupe for $324, Marigold Dylan Bowler for $252, cute little Danielle Clutch in Tobacco or Sterling for $117!
    Go grab your bags ladies!

    And look for Bluefly coupons first; there are always tons floating around the bluefly Deals & Steals thread!
  8. i couldn't find a spot to enter the code?

    any idea?
  9. nevermind i got it! thanks
  10. Hey Cooper. Do you know how much bigger the Piper Weekenders are, compared to the Piper Speedy? I was wondering if it's too big to carry as a purse. Looks so cute though!

  11. Depends on how big you like your "daily" handbag!
    The Weekender is 17 wide x 12 high x 7 seep
    The Speedy is 14 wide x 10 high x 6 deep

    There is a significant difference, but I think there are some folks around here who have the Weekender and they say it is not too big. Personally, I love my Speedy and it is the perfect size!
  12. she is a beauty! i like the color
  13. Yeah, the Aubergine is my favorite color of the Angies! It is a gorgeous burgundy wine!!!