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  1. Woah!
    Auction ended with no buyer, and is now relisted for $275 BIN!!! I can't believe none of you crazy LP gals aren't jumping on this one!!! LOL!!
    If it was in black or brown, it would be soooo mine!!!
  2. I know Coop! I had one just like this and had to lower my BIN to $250 and the bag is BEAUTIFUL! This is a DEAL!

  3. Ooh,that is the one I had to give up because my friend at work had been wanting this from me for months! It always got the compliments and I felt great whenever I wore it.Plus because of its dark color,it's virtually maintenance free! My sweet, sweet Dylan!:okay:
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  5. I was just going to post this same sale!
    That black Patchwork Dylan Tote is killing me!!!!
  6. Cooper, I just looked and the Black Patchwork Tote nor the Speedy seem to be there anymore.
  7. I just bought this bag last week and it is seriously gorgeous - the crimson colour is amazing! This will not be for sale for long!
  8. HOLY COW!!!
    A very rare find on eBay! The LOLA in Burnt Orange and NWT!!! This is a once in a blue moon bag!!! This bag has been sold out forever!!! Someone better get it quick... I have bought 3 bags in 2 days, and this listing is NOT helping!!! LOL!!
    The leather looks so squishy and soft....

    LINEA PELLE Burnt Orange LOLA Shoulder Bag **Sold Out**
  9. ^^

    I love it but I just bought 2 bags at the HH sale so I must pass. I have been eyeing this bag since it came out!!
  10. argh, that bag is hot! but is it heavy ?

  11. I have never seen one IRL, but I don't think any LP bags are heavy. It looks like it is made of the same leather type as the Dylans (super soft and squishy roll-it-into-a-ball type of leather) which would make it very lightweight (all regular Dylans are super lightweight; I don't know about the patchwork Dylans), but I don't know for sure. There isn't alot of hardware either, which usually is what makes up alot of the weight of a bag.

    Anyone have this bag who can say if it is light or heavy?
  12. It's actually much lighter than the Dylan because there is a lot less hardware... My Dylan has tons of grommets all over the place (it makes it heavier but it doesn't bother me) but the Lola has very few! :tup: The leather is the same soft squishy Dylan leather though! :tender: