Love Bracelet on larger women...

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  1. Thank you! It is a sapphire. :smile: It could use a cleaning because it looks really dark in that picture. It’s a deep blue in real life.
  2. You have very pretty skin and hands! You see a lot more of the bracelets on smaller wrists but it doesn't matter. I wear two 20 cuffs and a diamond bracelet. I love them!!! Tell your husband yes please on the second.
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  3. absolutely agree 100%

    the bangle looks great on you and you deserve another one. go get the rainbow next!
  4. Can't wait to see yr 2nd Love. Enjoy xx
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  5. Bravo! Looks wonderful!
    Yes, some of us live in “another dimension,” and Marilyn Monroe was a size 14, I’ve read.
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  6. Beautiful, looks nice on you! Anyone can wear a Love, if it's available in size 20 then it's meant to be for you ❤️
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  7. It’s clearly your size so wear it and enjoy it.
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  8. Bracelet looks great on you, Love your ring!
  9. it looks great on u !
  10. It looks go
    OMG, this looks amazing on you♥️. Love it & enjoy it!!!
    I wear a 19 & never take it off
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