Love Bracelet on larger women...

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  1. The title may be a little misleading, I’m a US dress size 12, so not even plus size. But you never really see the Loves on average or bigger women. I was thrilled to get a PG Love for Christmas. I have wide wrists and was fit at a size 19 or 20. I went with the 20 because I liked a little more movement. My husband loved buying it for me and is already talking about getting a second one with diamonds. (I’d love a rainbow one, but I don’t think they even make them in size 20...)

    I guess I’m feeling a little self conscious that I don’t fit the brand image of someone who should own a Love....

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  2. Enjoy your Bracelet. It is beautiful on you!!!
    Who cares about average? No one deserve it more than you do ❤️
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  3. Honestly I say shrugs. I wouldn’t give two hecks about the brand image. It looks good on you! Wear it and love it.

    If it makes you feel any better, I’m planning on getting a pink gold one at the end of the month and I’m a big burly guy who will need a size 21. But shrugs. I love it. I want it. I’ll rock it.

    Enjoy your gorgeous bracelet.
  4. It looks great on you... only style, happiness and love matters. The brand should be grateful and lucky that they have such a lovely model such as yourself wearing their brand.
  5. Right On Americanroyal89 !
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  6. You go girl my two are also a 20! I agree though there is a bit of an image thing[​IMG]b
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  7. The fit is great and it looks very lovely with your skin tone! You have nothing to worry about :heart:
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  8. They wouldn’t offer 20s or 21s if it offended them somehow that someone wanting that size would be buying.
    The fact that higher sizes than what you measured at are available tells me they’re still thinking of you as ‘Cartier’. Wear it joyfully! It’s very pretty on you.

    And hey...aren’t you getting the better deal anyway..? :cool:I always feel like I’m getting gypped somehow because I have small wrists YET MY BRACELET COSTS THE SAME as one that is larger and presumably made with more precious metals. What...??:eek:

    Like college rings. Why were our rings the same price as man rings the size of Super Bowl rings??!?
    So you’re coming out ahead in MY book!!! :hugs:
  9. It's beautiful! Don't be self conscious but I get it...I feel the same way wearing one at my age....I'm a grand I to old? I tell myself, nope
  10. it looks stunning on you! And I echo everyone else, Cartier is LUCKY to have you as a client! Enjoy!!! If only their ad campaign folks wore their products, they'd make 100 bracelets - tops!:P Please, your bracelets are beautiful but I'm guessing not half as beautiful as you so rock them with confidence!:heart::heart::heart:
  11. Well said and so heart felt AuthenticLux... my eyes are getting teary... I guess we can all throw away the old adage that men aren't suppose to cry. lol
  12. Your new PG Love looks absolutely beautiful! How lucky you are to be the recipient of such a fabulous Xmas gift.

    I am an older lady, under five feet tall and I wear a size 18 in the Love. I have never felt self-conscious about not fitting with the Cartier brand image. Please don't worry!

    Enjoy wearing your new bracelet and be sure to post here when you get your next one with diamonds!
  13. The bracelet looks beautiful on you and suits you very well! Enjoy it in good health and don’t worry about anything else.
    As others have stated, they wouldn’t offer them in size 20 if they didn’t want anyone buying them.
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  14. Thank you to everyone who took the time to offer such kind words. I really, really appreciate it. :heart:
  15. It looks perfect on you! What a sweet husband you have! :love: And that ring of yours is gorgeous too! Is it a sapphire or something like a london blue topaz or so?
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