Longchamp Le Pliage comparisons - Color and Sizes

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  1. LPC size comparison
    Small, medium, large, travel

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  2. I really love this in blue medium..and am saving for it..
  3. Can anyone add Opera to this comparisons of red please?
  4. Sort of OT, but I recently ordered the medium LP long handled tote and being a newbie to LC I was surprised at how small the bag is. I called to request a return label and explained to the customer service lady (at Sandspoint) that the bag is too small. She asked me if I had unfolded it. :roflmfao:
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  5. That is too funny!
  6. Oh goodness! :lol:
  7. The CS lady is very sharp! Haha!

    Anyway, I think we all go through that moment when we don't yet understand that LPs can be folded and what we see as small bags simply doesn't exist! :biggrin:
  8. Oh gosh, that is so cute!:lol:
  9. :roflmfao: Of course I had unfolded it; I had to do some "purse posing." :graucho: But I suppose there are some people who would need the explanation!! LOL
  10. I like the size of the LLH LP, and I only have 2 MSH in gunmetal and bilberry. But the LLH LP work great for me. Btw, how does she think you know the bag is too small for you if you had not unfolded it? LOL
  11. I guess some people might actually believe that the folded up bag is the size, haha. O_o

    I agree that the large LH LP is the size I like best for a tote.
  12. Are there any size comparison for the neo? Thanks!
  13. Btw, my Cuir will be delivered tomorrow!!! :smile: Thanks for your help!
  14. :bump: