Longchamp Le Pliage comparisons - Color and Sizes

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  1. wow, malabar looks so much more hot pink in pix. wonder if the miaou malabar will be the same shade . . . .

    is this ur collex? amazin'
  2. yes…I :heart: LPC

  3. Gah! Love both of these!

  4. Gorgeous! Love these darker LPCs.

  5. It does look hotter but it's not that hot. Gonna try to take some photos of her outdoors tomorrow, weather permitting.
  6. Holy smokes! that fir is gorgeous!
  7. absolutely agree!
  8. ooohhh, lovely pink family! thanks for this, helps a ton!
  9. It really is…like the green equivalent of bilberry
  10. 💗 the Fir. Now that I have seem the taupe, Mocha seems to be darker than it.
  11. Hmmm, not that Malabar Pink and Pink Candy is together, Malabar looks quite close to Pink Candy. I missed out on Pink Candy, might get Malabar instead. 💗 a bright pink!
  12. +1!
  13. One more pink comparison outdoors. I feel that I have captured the Malabar this time.



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  14. Malabar is so pretty!
  15. And comparison of Red Garance.