~*~ Linea Pelle Chat thread! ~*~

  1. Anybody familiar with how fast Amazon gets these new seasonal colors?
  2. Where is everybody? It's been dead on here this week :shrugs:
  3. Has anyone bought anything in amethyst? Curious to see a reveal.
  4. oh i just saw this post and, omg, it is MY perfect size! thank you for posting this :smile:
  5. LP is posting pics of new bags on Facebook. I really like the one with the clasp in front.
  6. New collection coming out tomorrow.
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    Wrong thread, sorry.
  8. Anyone do a return to MOB before. Do I need to email before sending i back? Thanks!

  9. I did do a return and I did email and ask to make sure I could return and that it wasn't final sale. She took it back without a problem. I can't remember if she gave me a return auth code or anything though.
  10. Thanks!
  11. I bought a purple DZT quite a while ago and finally started using it last week. I love it so much!!! It is rather heavy but there are so many compartments and it is so convenient. And of course the purple leather is gorgeous!
  12. hi everyone. i was just browsing the lp website when i noticed this bag:


    obviously it's not a Dylan Crossbody Tote. i'm having doubts if this is a Large Speedy though because of the pairs of studs at the bottom. the Large Speedy typically has 2 pairs on each side but this has just one. anyone's got any idea on this one? thanks!
  13. I have seen this on the piper lime site but not Linea Pelle. Perhaps it's made specifically for that store.