1. Lovely collection of holiday pendants!
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  2. Thank you lovelies!
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  3. OMG that is gorgeous!
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  4. Gorgeous! Are these vintage size?
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  6. Thank you hun! Yes, vintage size!
  7. Anyone got word of what this years holiday pendant be? I've missed out two years in a row. I am 6 months ready this time!! How on earth did HallieHallie know what it was last year so early??
  8. I just bought 2016 holiday edition this Saturday in a Neiman Marcus Store. I went to the store to pick up my first VCA vintage necklace, and asked to try other vintage necklace, then the sale brought this limited edition out. It just took me one second to make a decision. The sales said it is the last one but who knows, you can go to the store to ask the sales make a inquiry to the company
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  9. Congrats on your first VCA! Did you get it engraved on the back? I am surprised Neiman Marcus still had some of the 2016 holiday pendant.
    Which NM was it?
  10. Yes, I asked to engrave my last name. It is a store in tysons,VA.
  11. Congrats! So happy you found one!
  12. I love that VCA...
  13. You are indeed very very lucky to have had the opportunity to purchase a limited piece so far along since it's release!

    I had the online SA search the whole of Europe a couple of months back and no luck :sad: so now I'm considering purchasing the onyx vintage Alhambra ring but don't want to feel forced because of a potential price increase. Bit of dilemma. I'm torn between waiting for this years limited necklace with the price increase, malachite vintage Alhambra necklace or the onyx ring.
  14. I can't believe that I am actually getting impatient....when will they let us know about the holiday piece and VA 50th anniversary?
  15. Limited edition.
    You can always add the other pieces later.