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  1. Please share some of your LIMITED EDITION Van Cleef pieces, special orders including those special holiday pendants!

    I'd love to see hard to find limited edition pieces that are already discontinued and here's hoping VCA will bring them back!
  2. A few LE pendants :

    1) 2015 Holiday pendant in pink sevre with diamond in RG
    2) Special LE letterwood pendant with diamond in RG issued in 2012
    3) 2014 Holiday pendant in grey MOP with diamond in RG

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    • LE2.jpg
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  3. Pazt, these are so gorgeous!
    Have nothing to share (yet!), but it's a wonderful topic to admire something unique
  4. These are stunning!

    And you are quite the trouble maker...starting all these fabulous threads! :P
  5. I have 2014 & 2015 holiday pendants. 2014 is a special one for me, my first VCA and got hooked since.
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  6. Beautiful Paz!
  7. Oh wow, all 3 are out of this world gorgeous. What I would give to have the pink in RG. Maybe one day someone will tire of it and I can buy it. One can dream, right? :sleepy:
  8. Have you tried calling around??
    Try Neimans and the local VCA.
    I believe I read somewhere here that there were three boutiques that still had this piece.:smile:
  9. ~ Thank you! September is just a few months away, then we will know what will be this year's Holiday pendant - you may just score one then!

    ~ Purse, I am hooked and there's no looking back (Im taking a sabbatical from Hermes)! Thanks!

    ~ Thanks Penny! I got lucky finding those old LE 2012 pendants recently at a NM VCA!

    ~ Tulip, try doing a special order! I placed a special order pink sevre in RG bracelet to match my pendant and got approved!
  10. gorgeous eye candy
    do you wear them together? or separately
  11. separately - but you can layer the pendants with a 10-motif or 20-motif!

    thank you!

  12. How fantastic! We are also eager to see your SO when it arrives!

  13. Very true! I found the LE letterwood pendant and 2014 MOP holiday pendant in a NM VCA boutique a few weeks ago while travelling!
  14. i will def share it once it arrives! thanks!

  15. Did you request the same shade of pink as the LE 2015 sevres?