Large Marcie

Hi Everyone,
I bought this bag at a thrift store yesterday (!) and have been trying to authenticate it using tips and info online. It looks to me like everything checks out, but I can’t seem to find photos of a Marcie in this size with the turn lock… Dimensions are 43cm wide x 35cm tall. Trying to figure out model, age, etc. Thanks so much!


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I generally am not concerned about being in style or in fashion - but I think the fact it’s still in production should reassure you it’s not ‘out’. I similarly just bought one in beautiful shape, great price, from a Japanese dealer. And I love it.
No way, the marcie (if in good condition) is one of the classic Chloé bags. It has it all: great leather, wonderful hardware (not shiny) , awesome handles, great size (doesn't look bulky even if empty) care free and no screaming Logos. The prices have been going down and I have been buying the in different colors and sizes. A beautiful bag 👍
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