lacquer pink hamilton???

  1. Ooh! Very cute. Smaller saffiano leather hamiltons are easier to collect :smile:
  2. Wow! I am really loving this bag.:love:
  3. i don't remember exactly how much but i believe it was $359CAN
  4. wow i love the color !
  5. I love the color!!! I went to Nordstrom to check out the bag, but the displayed one was all scratched up... I wonder if the Saffiano leather gets scratched easily??? I'm waiting for a black one with silver hardware...
  6. Yup! Me gona get the small one. The teal colour. The blue one. But will only receive in july as i get a fren to help me get from new york as she is holidaying there now.. Cant wait....:smile:
  7. very nice color
  8. Can you tell me what stores carried this version? It is hard to find the leather strap version/smaller size. Thanks!
  9. I think I found an old link that takes me to Dillards for the crossbody NS Medium Hamilton. Does that sound accurate?
  10. Hello, i am looking for this Lacquer Pink! :graucho:The only concern is the size, am afraid it will be too large and heavy to carry. Is the colour hard to match with outfits?
  11. Im absolutely loving the pink hamilton and wanted to purchase one already. :smile: but i usually see it with shoulder straps within the nearby boutiques, didnt know they have it in longer straps ;p
  12. This color is a couple of years old. They have the fuchsia out currently, it's similar, with more purple tones.
  13. The color is gorgeous