Kieselstein Cord

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  1. Hee hee. Bella1, you are so funny. They are kind of 'alive', aren't they?
  2. As I recall, when I was selling handbags, they were about $1,500 and up, and we didn't sell a one while I worked in that particular store. They were stunning bags, but oh the prices!
  3. I notice that they go for very high $s on ebay too, even if damaged or used! People collect them.
  4. There's an alligator or crocodile version as well, with the feet. I'm partial to frame bags, so I like it, but don't have one--not sure why, but I don't.
  5. I like KC, so Town & Country!
  6. Wow. This is like a blast from the past. Kieselstein Cord used to be a mainstay of W's fashion and social coverage circa 1990, and I haven't even thought about the company since the mid-90s when I moved out of NY. The only place that I'd ever seen the bags was at Bergdorf's. They seem to serve an entirely upper east side/jetsetty demographic, don't they?
  7. Yeah... but didn't they startup a lower-end jewelry division (sterling silver stuff) a few years back? The daughter modeled for the advertisements. The jewelry totally reminded me of bad David Yurman of Brighton.
  8. Yes, the jewelry thing and the high society daughter -- that's been the main thing about them in recent years. The daughter gets photographed for InStyle, standing around in poses with other wealthy types. She had some ditzy quote, a while back. She's a New Yorker and she wasn't even aware of who was currently mayor -- so she was featured for her ditzy ways.