Kieselstein Cord

  1. A major luxury brand, obviously, and major $$s:amazed: . There's something ugly-beautiful about the classic 'trophy bag' to me:P . It's sort of gothic, in a way. But also, the whole 'classic alligator bag' is going on, and I admit that I like the gator handle.
  2. More!
    Honeybee_chainbag_salmon_thumbnail.jpg Ischia_thumbnail.jpg large trophy bs29-li_smlr.jpg Large_miranda_thumbnail.jpg TinyTrophy_chili_thumbnail.jpg
  3. And more!
    chloe_thumbnail.jpg Biltmore_lizard_sand_thumbnail.jpg
  4. PS I'll also admit that I kind of like the croco feet. (Corny, I know!)
  5. It's not bad..they are cute! I probably would need a 3rd mortgage to buy one though! Ha!
  6. Yes. Quite big league money. And not exactly available everywhere, either!

    There's something fascinating to me, particularly about the trophy bag. It's so old-fashioned stodgy, yet... not entirely so. To me, anyway!
  7. I think you can get a cheaper version of her bags on QVC and HSN. Bleh!
  8. Yeah. I know there's something thoroughly ugly about it. Yet it attracts me, Intl -- it's a strange attraction, like I said. The price protects me from myself, anyhow.
  9. hehehhee! There's something very matronly about those bags in a way that's entirely non-ironic like Chanel bags sometimes can be when carried by a younger woman. Know what I mean?

    And that prohibitive price-tag practically requires that you save until you're 70 anyway!
  10. Yuppers. Was totally thinking that too.

    Don't worry, I'm not buying!
  11. Good comparison, with the Chanel, incidentally.
  12. how much are they? I dont like them.. nothing mysterious about them to me.. just ugly and boring. But then I love bright mad coloured bags, not conservative.
  13. The Biltmore model, (for e.g.) is $4295.00, Bags-Of-Fashion.

    And, actually, I agree with you. I think you are far wiser than I!
  14. The feet scares me. As if when it becomes dark, they'll crawl and walk out of their shelves and attack!
  15. I kind of like the brown one- Miranda? It's unusual. The others remind me of Hermes or Chanel with a twist.