Kellyng's collection

  1. Thanks QuelleFromage!! really thanks for your sweet compliment~!
    also thank you for your time to view this thread and leaving me comment.
    It means a lot to me!! feel free to come again,have a nice day ( together with your loving fashion items)~! :hugs::heart:

    thank you Jojoboy~! have a nice day~! :biggrin:

    oh.... the lace lady dior. (whistling) she is sexy,isnt she? :graucho:
    i am going to post another lady dior,hope you like it!

    Thanks Midun for taking your precious time to share your thoughts and comment~!
    It was a great pleasure and a delight to read your comment and its my honor to meet you!
    I am sure you must be an amazing fashionista who truly appreciates the fine craftsmanships and story behind a piece.
    Thanks for your warm wishes and feel free to come again.
    dont hesitate to tell me if you have any better ideas or styling tips~!
    have a nice day Midun! :hugs::heart:
  2. Micro Mini crocodile Lady Dior bag in jed green ( mint green?) , a refreshing color,isnt it?

    i have been to Taipei,Taiwan 2 weeks ago and it was extremely hot there,around 40C, how about your place?
    DSC05082.JPG DSC05090.jpg DSC05096.jpg DSC05098.jpg DSC05099.jpg DSC05104.JPG DSC05112.jpg DSC05121.jpg
  3. Your crocodile Lady Dior is simply stunning! There seems to be a multi-effect finish on the crocodile which makes it really beautiful :smile:
  4. Kelly! I love your croc lady Dior. That color is so beautiful! I hope you enjoyed your time in Taiwan!
  5. Your dior bags are so interesting and beautiful.
  6. stunning collection!
  7. :hugs:
    thanks joe~~~!!! you always can soon figure out and point out characteristics of a design !!:tup:
    i love the multi-effect finish as well and thats why i love this LD so much!!!

    Thanks skippy~~!!!! hope you enjoy your lovely pinky dior as well!!!
    just back from Taiwan,after visiting the school,i recently changed my mind and plan to go to another country. (although its a little waste as i have received the enrollment notice few months ago):graucho:

    thanks fufu~~ feel free to visit this thread again!

    thanks meijen~!!!
  8. Oh yes, miss pinky Dior is well loved here by me! How exciting! I can't wait to hear where you are going next! :hugs:
  9. Kelly, I am in awe of you, your collection, your style and the art in which you show us your beautiful pieces. I spend most of my time on the Chanel boards and somehow found my way to the bags, bags, bags section. I am so glad to have found it and then to find your thread!! It is all fabulous. Your style clearly shows an independent confident woman whom I am sure will be a great designer with a huge brand. I for one cannot wait. Thank you so much for sharing your style and showing us all your beautiful bags and coats. I love your coats - all of them, and that Gucci lapis croc purse is amazing!!! :loveeyes:

    You have inspired me to venture outside of Chanel - something I haven't done in 6 years. You have given me a new appreciation for Dior, and Gucci. I've even remembered my old loves : Valentino and Oscar de la Renta.

    I cannot wait to see what comes next. Thank you for being such a brilliant part of TPF!!!:hugs:
  10. stylemechanel,awwww~~~ thanks for your heartfelt praise! It really meant a lot to me!! :hugs::heart:

    i love Chanel,Valentino and Oscar de la Renta as well! recently im eyeing a chanel boy and a chanel tweed coat. All chanel boys are classic yet trendy,which make me hard to choose!! Valentino lace bag and coat are definitely TDF!! Details on Oscar de la Renta dresses are always breathtaking!!

    really thank you very much for telling me how much you have enjoyed reading my thread. i was especially pleased to read your kind words . I'm so pleased to know that it brightens your day.
    Thank again for your kind comments.:hugs:
  11. have been using these 2 belts for around 2 years :biggrin:

    Vivienne Tam dragon buckle leather belt
    DSC05218.jpg DSC05226.jpg DSC05238.jpg DSC05229.jpg DSC05234.jpg DSC05232.jpg
  12. taking a walk in Starhill with mini crocodile lady dior :smile:
    DSC05592.jpg DSC05778.jpg DSC05576.JPG DSC05606.JPG DSC05635.JPG DSC05758.JPG
  13. I love that dress, Kelly! You are stunning as always!
  14. Your crocodile Lady Dior is so elegant, yet the size is adorable and perfect!

    Lovin' your dragon belts, too!
  15. Hi Kelly,

    I've recently joined TPF and thanks for opening my eyes to a whole new world of styles!
    Love the way you pieced your clothes and the bags together.

    Has read the entire thread in one sitting, too good to break it up nto different times.
    Keep the great posts coming and realised you like dragon designs :smile:

    Cheers to a lovely weekend!
    I'm definitely looking forward to having a Dior bag soon :p