Kellyng's collection

  1. I think I'll dream about that first Dior you posted. Sweet dream.
  2. Kelly, those Gucci lapis bags are absolutely beautiful! I can see how they have caught your eye!
  3. thanks Nico~~!!
    thanks for stopping by, taking time to look at my collection.
    please come again for fun!:p

    Lol~ sweet dream dear~!:biggrin:

    skippy~~!!! the pop of blue is really eye catching , my bf was amazed and even said the red croc gucci doesn't look like gucci usual design! :p
  4. Enjoyed browsing through your thread! It is apparent that everything you collected is very selective and right to your taste :smile:
  5. Today is my graduation day and FINALLY!!!!!!!!! Finally it's time to reveal it!

    this bag actually was bought last year from Italy Leccio. due to some reasons, dior SA shipped this bag in Jan and i received it in Feb.

    since i have been studying fashion design in japan for 4 years,i personally think this beauty is very symbolic,definitely the best graduation present ever ----- Dior Samourai 1947,which inspired by japanese culture.
    DSC00988.jpg DSC01041.JPG DSC01198.JPG DSC01064.JPG DSC01047.jpg DSC01050.jpg DSC01083.jpg DSC01090.jpg DSC01093.JPG DSC01228.jpg
  6. kellyny,

    congratulations on all your new things since I last looked in but particularly for your recent acquisitions,

    your new-to-you lizard Gucci, which is very special :drool:

    and your new Samurai, which as you rightly pointed out is the perfect present for your graduation :love:
  7. Wow wow wow. Your new addition is just exquisite!! Are these limited edition bags? I've never seen them in stores before. Congrats and happy graduation! :smile:
  8. Be still my heart....the new Samourai is as lovely as it can be. Congratulations,Kelly on your graduation!
  9. 👜💕They are so Unique and Stunning! Congrats and enjoy them! 💌
  10. Congratulations on your graduation and great new addition to your collection!
  11. papertiger~ thanks for posting in both of my threads!
    yeah, besides the knot samourai, currently i'm in love with gucci lapis collection!
    do you have a collection thread,so i can have a peek in your wardrobe? :love:

    thanks!!! yes, dior samourai 1947 is Dior 60th anniversary limited edition collection, the croc knot version is hard to find and i was surprised that Dior leccio still has one!
    let me know if you are interested as i have e-mail of particular dior outlet stores :smile:

    Katiesmama,sorry for my late reply! thanks for your warm wishes!!
    how about getting yourself one sammy?;)

    thanks for stopping by my thread!! thank you!

    U-lala,thank you! i'm really enjoying her!
  12. action pics of my new member--- grey crocodile Dior Samourai 1947 in knot version
    DSC01673.JPG DSC01748.JPG DSC01831.JPG DSC01870.JPG DSC01914.JPG DSC01919.jpg
  13. Simply amazing collection! Thanks for sharing! I love your Samourai and Lady Diors
  14. wearing lace dress, adrienne landau fox fur embroidered robe and gucci lapis croc bag to graduation party.
    DSC02033.JPG DSC02050.JPG
  15. wearing Dries Van Noten wool long vest, pleats please dress, Vivienne Tam dragon belt and gucci lapis croc bag.
    DSC02211.jpg DSC02183.JPG DSC02266.JPG DSC02414.JPG