Kate Spade Hall of shame!

  1. Report it anyway... Maybe eBay will pull it before the person pays or something...
  2. gold label.jpg
  3. If only they were that fast on that straw number with the pink ribbon flowers. Ick.
  4. As have I. I also get no response from the seller, which means she/he really doesn't give a crap. Money money money.

    ETA: I feel like buying this just to file a claim against the seller for listing fakes. It would be worth it just to leave negative feedback.
  5. stripefake.jpg
    So, I contacted the seller of this fake:


    and got this response:

    Hi there, thanks for the email. However this is not a fake, and if you go on Katespade.com you will see other purses with this hardware on them, as well as the colors. I don't own anything that isn't authentic nor would I try to sell one that isn't on ebay. But I do appreciate the email, as there are people out there who would do this. But I assure you this one is authentic and can be found through katespade.com....the style may not be on there as its' about 2 years old, but the hardware is still on some of her handbags.

    Thanks and let me know if you have anything else for me! I really do appreciate your email though, thank you!

    You can only imagine my response. I'll be nice...
  6. Tell her to put her fingernails under that off-center metal plaque and give a little tug.

    LOL! The least she can do is put it back properly centered.
  7. I was VERY nice! I let her know about Kat's web site and the discussion forum on eBay. And I told her about fake labels and what real dust bags should look like (i.e., not a potato sack). Really...I was nice!
  8. I just messaged her as well.
  9. She just ended the listing. Victory over fakes!