Kate Hudson

  1. wow... she looks amazing. i love that glitter dress.
    and i loved her in raising helen & how to lose a guy in 10 days.. aside from the matthew guy. i don't like him :p
  2. Yep, she's on the headlines in tv's n newpapers n blogs promoting her movie 'You, Me n Dupree', but still I just can't get enough of Kate Hudson.....
    I think she's one of those celebrities with 'natural hotness', not fake n unmade (damn I don't had no idea of the right phrase)......literally hot inside n outside......:yahoo::wlae::roflmfao:
    maybe 'being sexy' is something that she already had instinctively under her conscoius...., unlike Mariah Carey who tried too hard to be hot .............


    source: Celebritywonder.com
  3. I think she has such a natural beauty!! She definitely doesn't try too hard...unlike others.
  4. i love her!! she is so pretty when she was on the view she was saying how she just found out owen wilson and matt dillon had crushes on her she was like damn it! i could have gotten my way so much more during filming! she seems so down to earth and sweet
  5. She looks great! Geez, I can't even look that good in a bikini BEFORE have kids, LOL.
  6. I loved her in How To Lose a Guy in 10 Days. She was so gorgeous in that gold/yellow dress/gown!
  7. She is adorable!
  8. My love for her goes back and forth. I think she's so beautiful & I love her movies, but she tries to be Miss Hippie Crunchy Granola Girl while wearing $800 sunglasses and designer clothes. It just seems like such a contradiction & fake to me.
  9. I really like her, she has a natural beauty and glow about her. She seems very laid back, down to earth. She was good on the view, very cute and funny.
  10. I always like her , I guess because she's carbon copy of her mom.She seems fun to be have around.
  11. I know everyone says she's a carbon copy of her mom, but I actually think she's more beautiful than her mom ever was. She's just radiant!

  12. Loved that movie...."Benny Benny Boo Boo Boo....."!! :roflmfao:
  13. She's a beauty!
  14. i love her.. i went to see all her movies just to see the way she talks and her face motion.. so natural and so beautiful
  15. She's the real hottie. Gotta go see her movie now.