Kate Hudson

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  1. [​IMG]
    she has a daughter bu she looks wonderful :love: :smile:
  2. she looks great...but actually she has a son named Ryder (he just has really really long hair)
  3. LOL, Ryder's a boy-although it's an easy mistake considering his hair is down to his waist. She needs to cut that kid's hair.
  4. I think she always looks great, definetely has her own "hippie chic" sort of style
  5. Kate has amazing genes!!! She'll look FABULOUS well into her 60s, just like her mother!:yes:
  6. Kate looks amazing! I love her in Raising Helen, she is a really good actress!
    :heart: Lovin' Her Diane Von Furstenburg dress in the first pic!:heart:
  7. [​IMG]
    is it a boy???:wtf: he loks like agirl:roflmfao: like his father:yucky:
  8. I think she is so beautiful and has such amazing style!
  9. I was just listening to her on Ryan Seacrest/KIIS Fm this morning. She was promoting her new movie (with Owen Wilson & Matt Dillon I believe). She's so down to earth. She's so funny, she cracked me up :roflmfao:.
  10. she looks fantastic!
    Yes, Ryder's a BOY!
  11. I love her and her mom..can't wait to see her new movie
  12. She's adorable!
  13. I really like her, I like her style. Her son does need a haircut though.
  14. I :heart: her! She seems so down to earth!
  15. Wow! Talk about perfect body!