Karma Beads: Thoughts?

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  1. I did see this thread, but didn't think it was suitable as I want people to show their bracelets, where as this thread is focused on opinions on the release of the bracelet in 2014.
    I was hoping for more of how Pandora has its own one.

    Never mind, it's been removed now..
  2. Does anyone know if the Thomas Sabo beads fit on a Trollbeads chain?

    LOVE your charms by the way, KellyCoCo!
  3. The troll beads chain is bigger compared to the Thomas Sabo chain for karma but I'm not 100% sure that it doesn't fit.

    Anyway, thoughts on the karma beads: They're cute! I've had mine because of a promo but I do prefer my pandora bracelet more.
  4. Photo on 10-19-15 at 9.45 PM #2.jpg

    :cool: this is a photo of my recently acquired karma beads bracelet. I'm absolutely in love with the pumpkin.:lol:
  5. I've tried, and no, it doesn't fit...
  6. Thank you both for the input! I guess I'll have to start saving for a Sabo bracelet :biggrin:
  7. Got a bracelet yesterday, free promo bracelet,
    and now I cannot stop thinking of the beads
    Love the bird and the daisy bead......the pumpkin and the strawberry....and I am wondering :"Am I
    addicted to Sabo again?"
    Seems so.
    The bracelet is more convenient then my Pandora.
    Love it.
  8. Is Thomas Sabo more expensive than Pandora?
  9. Just got the promo bracelet. Love the charms! Edgier than Pandora and Trollbeads will fit on the Sabo chain.
  10. I wear some clips from Pandora on it
    until I get my Sabo Beads.:graucho: