Karma Beads: Thoughts?

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  1. I saw these online, I have seen Thomas Sabo jewelry IRL before, not really was a huge fan of the traditional charm bracelet; I already have a lovely one from Tiffany's and compared to them alot of charms look flimsy from other brands. However, this is something new from them and it looks very intruiging.
    Has anyone seen these?
  2. I have not seen this IRL, but it appears to be quite similar to Pandora bracelets/ beads charms.
  3. Yes, I wish I could see these IRL!
  4. I saw them IRL and if they would fit on a Trollbeads bracelet I might have picked
    up one or the other.
    But they have their own unique core size, you need a very small (Sabo) bracelet- no way they
    fit on Pandora or TB.

    They remind a little bit of this new Pandora line (forgot the name), and all in all I was not too
  5. Thats too bad. I was hoping to hear that it was awesome irl, but i will hold off for now!
    If anyone has any pics of these, i would love to see them. :smile:
  6. I'm not into the bracelets. But I like the necklace and charm carrier they have. There is a women that does utube videos of her collection and they are really informative.
  7. Cool! Do you happen to know her name? Or can I just look up karma beads on there?
  8. I had the pleasure of seeing the Karma range in a shop and i must say that it stopped me in my tracks. I think it is absolutely beautiful. It has a rock chick look, as well as an elegant look. I am definitely saving up for the starter bracelet... ;)
  9. Omg yes!
  10. Hello, I thought I'd would start a Karma bracelet thread. I've been collecting Thomas Sabo for about 3 and a half years. When they released the Karma beads last year I had to buy them. I purchased 4 more beads yesterday, the octopus, cat, mouse and frog. I also have the necklace and will upload photos of that soon.

    Please show me your Karma bracelets 😊

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  11. Another view

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  12. One last view

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  13. Thomas Sabo is the best! Love the bracelet and love that clasp.
  14. What a nice collection...
  15. There is already a thread on this collection, so I am merging yours into it.