Jimmy Choo Jimmy Choo Ramona Bag


Jan 18, 2006
Sweetsparkle I was wondering the same thing. A SA from Grossmanshoes.com said that it might be a tad too big for me (also 5'1") and that the Rasia would be an excellent choice. You can see both bags on their website www.grossmanshoes.com (ask for Eliza if you go for it, she is amazing!) I have not seen it IRL- but love the style of the Ramona. But now leaning towards the Rasia or the Rikki because they are smaller..

Also, for anyone interested, I received a call from the Jimmy Choo in New Jersey (Ulyses is the SA)- they received a shipment of the Ramona and have several available. (973)564-8181.


Bag Ho
Nov 27, 2005
That's a choco rasia, NOT a Ramona you have there ARt.

The rasia is smaller than the Ramona and has a single strap. I have one in lime green and it's great! I also have a Ramona in stone.

The ricki bag is smaller than the ramona and has a double strap and double row of grommets.
Jan 25, 2006
^^ sweetsparkle, you might want to try the Ricki (sp?). It's basically the same as the Ramona, only it is smaller. I think it holds its shape a little better than the Ramona too. I wanted to love the Ramona because I like big bags, but it just seemed too unwieldy and slightly sloppy looking for my tastes. However, I thought the Ricki was perfect. Saks doesn't sell the Ricki (at least I didn't see it there, and when I asked my SA about it, he didn't think they would be stocking it.) You can however find it at the Choo boutiques.

I would try the Choo boutique on Madison. I know they had some black Ricki's over the weekend. Ask for Esther, she's great.
Jan 25, 2006
Daisy, the Ricki was never made in blue. I wish it was, because that was the color I really wanted. I just called Houston hoping that my SA at NYC Madison, and the SA that I spoke with at NYC Fifth Avenue to verify were incorrect, but Houston just reiterated what the NYC SAs had previously told me: Ricki was never done in blue.

sweetsparkle, in that case, you might want to stay far, far away from Ricki. I normally don't like smaller bags, or bags with tons of grommets and shiny hardware, but for me, it was love at first sight with Ricki. I tried super hard to talk myself into Ramona, but Ricki kept beckoning me. She is lovely and I think much more versatile than Ramona. I would never think about taking Ramona out at night, but Ricki can easily be dressed up as well as dressed down.