Jimmy Choo Ramona Bag

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  1. Anyone have this? I'm thinking of getting it and would like opinions :biggrin:
  2. There is another thread here about it, probably a page back.

    I have her in navy and ADORE her. I find the bag to be light, very comfortable to carry, and the leather is TO DIE FOR. I think the style is classic with a slightly modern edge. She's yummy. I love the contrast of the gold with the navy but I think she's GORGEOUS in the stone and chocolate too. Great bag. If she were cheaper I'd have her in every color.
  3. I have it in navy and choco and I love it, it is super light with a yummy leather.:biggrin:
  4. Serious? The Ramona is said to be sold out at most places! I love the navy color!
    Post pictures once you get it, please~~!!
  5. I love this bag :love: I don't have one, but it's gorgeous. I saw it in brown at Jimmy Choo back in February. Beautiful!
  6. Here is mine in brown. It is my favorite bag of the moment. The leather is very soft and it holds a ton.
  7. Love this bag! Is she available in black or stone anywhere? I know the JC boutiques in the US say that stone is gone...
  8. Oh! I want it now :love:
    But can I still get it? I want one in black. Anyone know which stores still have it in NYC?
  9. Select Saks have them.... call my boy Jose in Chicago. He mentioned them being sold out but later asked if I wanted one. I'm not sure of the status right now as I haven't had another chance to talk to him. 312-944-6500. And SoCal, he did mention black early on.
  10. I have called around a bit...sounds like JC boutiques expect to receive a shipment of navy first...in the next few weeks...they (and Saks) expect to receive a shipment of black later...but delivery date is somewhat uncertain...

    I am going to try to wait this out...I have been very bag-impulsive lately...although turned down an Edith offer 15 minutes ago...should not have been that difficult as I have already tried her once IRL...so now playing the JC waiting game... The Ramona is my absolute favorite of all recent purchases...
  11. SoCal.... and which color Edith did you turn down? =)

    I am very impulsive with bags too, and when I like a particular style, I get the urge to "collect" it in all colors, instead of allowing it to remain a unique piece in my collection. I don't know if that's a bad thing but I think I need to save room for my next obsession.
  12. I've had the dark brown for a few months now and love everything about it.
  13. Daisy, Turned down a whiskey...now if it were the stone JC...I would be in trouble... Yes, should fight temptation for multiple colors...show love to chocolate...no need to obsess...but might buy black later...
  14. Love the bag!! Especially the tan,,
    It is perfect!
  15. Love it! The leather is fondle-licious! ;)