Jessica Simpsons New Bag

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  1. yep they are
  2. so no one knows the name of the bag? :sad:
  3. Oliver Peoples
  4. Okay, if doesn't even know whose bag this is, we are really in trouble. I want this bag! :love:
  5. yeah they are oliver peoples athena sunglasses
  6. nycmom! you rock! I called the boutique and got the last one! And snagged a cute pair of espadrilles too! Thanks for posting.

    Here's the espadrilles:

  7. ^^ OMG, that website has PUMAs! How awesome is that!? That just makes me sad though because I know I'll never get them, lol.
  8. Sorry to disappoint, but not Tulci, def. Costume National! The SA I spoke with waited on Jessica S. when she bought the bag.
  9. congrats greenie on the bag and shoes! (and i do love that website)!
  10. Thank you, nycmom!

    The SA, Lisa, was very nice.

    I'll post pics when I get the bag!

    Oh btw, $20 for shipping. Not bad for both shoes and bag. FYI, the SA said the cream colored one on the website is bigger than the brown Jessica bag.
  11. Greenie, congrats! Cute shoes, I love espadrilles.