Jessica Simpsons New Bag

  1. Any one know who makes it?

    I'm not up on posting pics, shes in this link
    Jessica 1.jpg Jessica 2.jpg jessica 3.jpg
  2. Love that bag!!! Anyone know whose it is???
  3. ohhhhh, I like it too...nice color, reminds me of the Kooba in the Kooba Marcelle!

  4. Very Cute! It also reminds me of the Chloe Ascot Hobo on BG's website.:love:
  5. ya gotta hand it to her, the girl knows a good bag when she sees it!
  6. Who makes her sunglasses?
  7. hehe, the bag, now the glasses...what bra is she wearing?:P:amuse: Lets undress her style completely:P

  8. I like this Kooba bag...if I ever decided to finally get a BIG/bigger bag, I'd put this one into the consideration bin! Nice color, style and price at 595!

  9. Well funny enough you can access her style

    And yes, you can even check out her brand of underwear!!! LOL:lol:
  10. wow! she's still skinny! i thought she would of let herself go after the break up! hehehe!
  11. I thought the same thing, she is really shrinking, but a divorce and serious parting will both do that to you.
  12. Thats a great bag! I have no idea who makes it though.

    I didn't think she'd "let herself go" ala B. Spears. I think she looks great. Good to see a woman still looking hot after a breakup.
  13. anyone know the brand of jeans she is wearing?
  14. I don´t always like her bags, but this one I :love:

  15. They look like True Religion jeans to me.