Jennifer Zeuner Swirl Initial Necklace --Advice?

  1. I am thinking of getting this necklace but am having trouble deciding between the gold and rose gold. does anyone have pictures of either?
  3. I would also love to see a picture of one in Rose Gold...
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    Hi ladies! Well dh had gotten one of those rewards cards that's loaded with points that you then use to "shop" from the rewards website. I ordered a sterling silver initial necklace, not really sure what it would look like, no idea on size, but here it is! I think it's pretty cute. I will say that the back is not polished, but other than that I think it has a nice presence. And it was free!
    (got a new Dyson too)
  5. Didnt even know who Jennifer Zuener was until I saw someone wearing an initial necklace, it was so unusual I had to know more about it. Would love a gold medium S, I think they are about 450.00, so I would be interested in discount coupons.
  6. I think the big one is nicer; it's a very nice necklace and when you choice the big one it's more eye-cathing!!
  7. Neiman Marcus is doing a Trunk Show of her pieces on their website. I am very tempted by the rose gold and it looks to be the large size judging by the price. The chain looks nicer than the one of the JZ site. I have a gift card to use at NM so this might be the purchase to use it on.
  8. Hey Duke! I love seeing CL girls everywhere on the forum! lol

    I'm bumping this thread because I still absolutely adore JZ pieces, I bought the sterling silver swirly initial pendant a few years ago and it's awesome, I still wear it every once in a while but I wear way more gold than silver so I was thinking of doing the 3 letter monogram just to switch it up. Is yours the gold vermilion? If so, have you noticed any turning or anything like that?

    I only ask because I have 3 custom gold nameplate necklaces that I got made at hood a$$ gold joint at PG plaza mall and they're perfectly fine, simple so I don't really trust them with this swirly elaborate design but they were also all under $350 so I'm trying to justify spending almost that same amount on vermilion ya know? How is your necklace now? Does it still look great?
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