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  1. Hey y'all. question about J.Crew's older blazers. I recently bought the "long boyfriend blazer" ( http://www.jcrew.com/womens_feature/NewArrivals/jacketsblazers/PRDOVR~19197/19197.jsp )in black on eBay, item #19197. I believe it originally sold in Fall 2009.

    The jacket is partially lined - sleeves, shoulder and upper 1/3 of the blazer. However there is a large slit in between the lining and the sleeves at the shoulder on BOTH sides. You can't see this slit unless you lift up part of the lining. And the slit is pretty symmetrical on both sides. My friend said this is intentional, that it makes it easier to move your arms around in the blazer if the lining isn't fully attached to the shoulder. however the stitching is so shoddy. There's fraying loose ends. I can't tell if this slit is intentional, or if this is a somehow damaged jacket where the lining was torn by someone who wore it last. The item was sold as NWT from a seller with great ratings. SInce the jacket is so old, its not like I can just walk into a store and see if other blazers have it. I own 4 other J.crew blazers - tipped schoolboys from 2013, wool flannel schoolboys from 2013 and Lady day jacket from 2012 and none of them have this slit in the shoulder. They are all also fully lined. Can anyone shed some light on this? I'll try to post pictures later if anyone doesn't get what I'm talking about.
  2. have you gotten your jodhpur pixie pants dry cleaned yet jujuma? I have a pair I need to dry clean too... never dry cleaned anything before... dunno if i have to look for certain dry cleaner or say specific things to make sure they deal w leather properly...
  3. Thanks, saira1214. The last update said the order had been "released," which usually means it is ready for shipment. I'm guessing it wasn't really backordered...

  4. Haven't had cleaned yet. Only wore to dinner a couple times. I'm not worried how they'll turn out, my dry cleaner is pretty good. Make sure you pick one that knows how to handle leather. I'm more concerned with the cost! I've heard numbers like $65 thrown around for things with leather trim. Mine are going to need it before they go! Something's go after one wear, dresses to wear to functions always have to be pristine when they go on. These not so much.
  5. Do you guys know if J Crew recently changed their sizing..I normally wear J Crew size 0 for tops and a couple of weeks ago i think it was during thanksgiving sale i tried on 2 diff tops in size 4 and they seemed a little too snug around my bust area and im only a 32 a cup.
  6. I have always found J Crew to be inconsistent with sizing and not very generous around the bust (and I'm only a 32 B). I have gone up a size in most of their Blythe and perfect button front shirts in the last year as I have found them to be slimmer everywhere.
  7. Does anyone have a metro coat from this year? Can someone please comment on the sizing? I'm usually a 2/4 in their button down shirts. Not sure what size to buy. I also read somewhere that the coats are made with less wool this year as well, kind of a bummer. TIA!
  8. Just bought the macalister wedge booties in the light tan color for $89 plus 40 off, plus the student discount. Came to $45 total! I bought them in store where they are still technically full price but they honored the website price for me. Can't believe I got these booties for such a steal. I got them for 77% off the full price. Why does J.crew insist on pricing things so high and then slashing the prices like this? Obviously no one will buy things at full price! Guess it's their marketing gimmick?

    Also having shopped the sales in stores (esp the 30 off before Christmas) and the sample sale in November I can safely say the sale at the brick and mortar stores far surpasses the sample sale. The prices are just so much better in store plus no crazy lines and stuff.
  9. They let you stack the student discount w the additional 40% off? They rarely do that for me, they say we can only use one discount. That's such a good deal though congrats!
  10. I hope this is the right thread to post J Crew shoe sizing question. Could someone who own or has tried on the leather oxfords comment on the sizing? Are they TTS? TIA!

  11. I tried them on and found them to be a bit small and narrow.

  12. I am sure this is fake but at my store there are several people who buy multiple items and sizes when they are on sale. It wouldn't surprise me for several items to end up on eBay. Unfortunate.

    As for sizing, it's all over the board. Pants I usually always wear a 2 but tops any where from 2-6.
  13. I can't speak for this particular eBay seller, but I can tell you that there are J Crew clearance centers in Lynchburg, VA and Arden, NC. I visited the one in NC - they sell first quality overstocks and returns at a fraction of the original price. It is hit or miss, and I am sure if I lived there, I would hit the store every day! I got a pair of Darby suede slip-ons for $30 and a Lulu Frost necklace for $35.

    Keep this in mind you see a seller from VA or NC. They can scoop up bargains and resell them at a good profit.
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