I’ve got an Amarante French Purse!!!!!

  1. Hi

    I’m new to the forum but I couldn’t keep this baby a secret …………
    lv1.JPG lv2.JPG lv3.JPG
  2. Congrats!!! Welcome to the forum!

    Is it possible for you to take a pic of it in outside light? I know there are tons of us that want to see how the color looks.
  3. wow..gorgeous..congrats!
  4. DAMN thats hot!
    Pic's in the nature light would be nice :smile: Congrat's on such a wonderful color/wallet.
  5. Welcome to the forum and congrats on your new wallet!
  6. Oh gosh not what I'd expected color wise but I LOVE it .. would love to see a few more pics maybe taken outside.
  7. Thanks everyone!

    I'm in the UK we don't have natural light! The pictures we're taken without the flash but I'll brave the outside tomorrow and take more pics for you.
  8. wow you are the first! congrats! I am wondering if the colour of the picture is very similar to what it looks like in natural light too? it looks a lot more 'blacker' than i expected.
  9. Congrats!!

    I love the look of that wallet.
  10. :wtf::wtf::wtf:

  11. i want :shame: do u mind picing it with flash?
  12. I really like it. Congrats!
  13. OMG! love the color!
  14. Really like the color congrats ^^ Hope u enjoy it are there any other products in the store when u were there ?
  15. Wow! v.pretty! I'm guessing they have the released now then?