Ivanka Trump style thread

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  1. What a way to start this thread.....love it! (photo credit: Splash)
  2. Not sure how I feel about two different shades of green.
  3. Maybe it's one of those outfits that looks better in real life. In that photo it makes me want to hang some Christmas ornaments on her.
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  4. With that smile, posture and confidence, it's fine.
  5. She looks gorgeous in the green. :smile:
    It's Carolina Herrera.
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  6. I like her sunglasses, but they kinda look photoshopped on to her face.
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  7. Yeah, I see what you mean! (and also about the 2 green shades, although I didn't notice that until you said something-it's subtle enough I guess)
  8. Daily Mail headline is "green with envy."
    Heavy.com says, "“The color green, according to color psychology, is the color associated with such things as new life, nature, growth, energy and renewal. It’s also the color of money, finances, banking, ambition, jealousy and Wall Street,” reported the newspaper."

    Since top-notch designer, Carolina Herrera, made the dress and coat, then the 'different-shades' issue is ok. It's probably lighting or photoshopping.
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  9. Ivanka looks good in green!!!
  10. What a fantastic colour on her!
  11. I'm kind of obsessed with kelley green!
  12. I love forest green.
  13. She is a knockout in this outfit...
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  14. Ivanka looks gorgeous in that white outfit.
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  15. Gorgeous! Ivanka Trump.jpg candlelight-dinner-trump-5.jpg /
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