ISO--Belen Echandia items

  1. Darn right it was TULIP!!!
    Although I have been known - like once or twice - to push someone along toward a purchase... If I can't have it, I want someone I know to have it. Then it kind of feels like I have it too.

  2. Look at her grinning like a donkey eating briars.
    Tulip can talk you into a bag, I'll swannee. Talk you right into it. I don't know if we should hug her or beat her up.

  3. My parents are but I was born and raised in Illinois! I was a confused young person! LOL! I was raised southern style but thought that was normal for everyone! It wasn't until my husband and I moved south for his job over 16 years ago that I realized that I was raised like a southerner and that's why I never quite fit in! :lol: We did moon pies and RC but I never did salted peanuts in coke. Heard of it but never did it! :p Now that we're in South Dakota we have people bring us Duke's Mayo (only available in limited southern areas), Texas Pete and grits!
  4. I can't get Duke's mayo here either, Teenitsa. :sad:

    Best mayonnaise in the universe. You can't get grits? I thought grits were sold everywhere. And what's funny about TEXAS Pete is that it's made in Winston-Salem, North Carolina! You let me know when you need some Texas Pete or grits. I'll mail 'em right to you!

  5. We have Duke's here in Orlando, but I was raised in Ohio, so I am a Hellman's girl, lol. Y'all need some? I can ship!
  6. Always good to have connections! We can only get instant grits or the small canisters of Quaker's but I really prefer Jim Dandy grits in the bag! We have a few bags right now so are OK for a bit and I have so many jars of Duke's right now that I will probably have some go bad before I can get to them! But with our garden coming in soon and tomatoes, we'll be using up the Duke's quicker! Tomato and cheese sandwiches with Duke's is the best! Anyone else eat pimento cheese sandwiches? Not the store bought kind, the kind you make on your own? YUMMY too! My family loves Texas Pete too and we tend to run out of it often. We have found the tiniest bottles but it's irritating to use those! It's like enough for one meal!! hahah! Our summer intern is going to make shrimp and grits next Sunday! I cannot wait!!

    So, sorry for being so far OT! LOL! I'm not in search of anything.... I don't think. I never know though if I want it until it suddenly shows up in a reveal somewhere!! haha!
  7. Take me Everywhere (TME) regular/ midi

    bonniekir : Choco crash regular size w/ Gold hw..used/ new
    etalb 1111: Purple pebbled midi
    crazybagmo: Black crash
    asbb: Black pebbled TME midi with sky blue lining
    jenbur: tme midi, silver hw, not sure on leather color :shrugs:
  8. Is anyone in search of extra rings? (The kind for attaching messenger straps)

    I spent the afternoon cleaning and organizing my clothes and pocket books- I came across 2 gold rings and 4 silver that I am not using- they're free to a good home- just PM me.
  9. Hermeneutics, you are such a sweetheart :ghi5:
  10. This is so true. You can't eat a mater sammich without Duke's mayonnaise. It just isn't the same.

  11. Just an update, these are on their way to a loving new home already!
  12. Thanks Herm! I got them today. I love how that extra bit of length from the rings makes my messenger bags hang.
  13. Wow, that was fast ! Glad they got there safe & sound and that they're working out for you- enjoy!
  14. Pewter Crash Treasure Me, any lining and hardware
  15. Something in Dark Green, orange or mustard pebbled.