Isabel Marant hidden wedge sneaker

  1. These looks awesome on you! Congrats!! :smile:
  2. Wow! These look great on you. Are these the anthracites? I have the anthracites also and this makes me happy I chose them :smile:
  3. i asked her! i asked if they were expecting more shipment and they said just the cream ones :smile:
  4. oh sorry i read it wrong. lol no i do not but i plan to check the site often :smile:
  5. oh sorry i read it wrong. lol no i do not but i plan to check the site often. you could always try to email customer service at matches and see what they say! :smile:
  6. ty!!!
  7. They are indeed the anthracites. I'm so happy I got this color for my first pair. Please post when you get them.
  8. Wow! They look so awesome on you! Must get myself a pair next round...
  9. they look AMAZING! congrats!!! :loveeyes:
  10. Yay!!! Jelly you are so rocking
    The anthracite!!! Mine arrived as well
    But haven't opened the boxes yet as
    I'm taking the kids on a vacay Tom and as usual I
    Have to pack!!! :smile:

  11. Yay, we are anthracite twins. I love them too over the all black bazils. Many congrats they look perfect with the IM jacket :smile:

  12. Open, open, the suspense would be killing me! Many congrats :smile:
  13. Hey guys, as a little sort of 'hint', I recommend scouring EVERY eBay site you can! I know a few aren't in English but it is worth it. I just got myself a pair of the ivory/khaki (I think it's khaki) on the French eBay for $520!!! They were worn a couple times but there is no sign of wear except for a bit of darkening on the soles...
  14. Thanks ladies! Hope to wear them out soon! :p

    Ama: You must be going 100 miles to get everyone packed and ready!!! Going anywhere fun/exotic? Hope you got a chance-waiting anxiously here! :cool: