Is the LV Multicolour line seen as over??

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  1. I also think it has been copied to death...but I still love them. The black multi is gorgeous. I love the white as I live in florida and you can carry it year round!
  2. At the beginning, i had wanted one SO bad ,but when it was time for me to purchase one, I knew it was going to be out of style by next season. So, i decided not to buy one because it was no longer appealing to me. I also think that lv should have kept it a limited collection because it would seem a little more wanted than it is now. It has been copied sooo much that everytime i see one i think it is a fake..
  3. $1,430.00 US dollars on Elux.
  4. I still like it, it looks really nice in smaller pieces, and some larger ones are also gorgeous, such as the trouville ! I hope it's here to stay, it really adds some variety and youth into the monogram, it's definatley less sombre and more eye catching.
  5. i LOVE the MC line.. and i hope they dont discontinue it before i get to it! i want a keepall 45.. at least two! when i get my hands on them, THEN i dont care about what happens to the line. lol.