Is the LV Multicolour line seen as over??

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  1. Following on from another thread in the general discussions area...

    - I just wanted people opinions on the MC line -- do you think that LV has over done it , and that its time to move on ...

    Should LV still be selling the MC line; should it of been discontinued...

    Can a bag introduced in 2003 still be seen as fashaionable and a must have bag in 2006 such as the mc speedy or alma which are still sold in stores.???

    YOUR THOUGHT PLEASE :biggrin:........
  2. I've never owned any MC pieces and to me they are still appealing. I'm still a LV beginner though *shrug*
  3. :idea: :idea: :nuts: :nuts: Never Never ...

    i really Like this Line and i may purchase MC Speedy Or Trouville soon ... they'r soooooo cuute :idea:
  4. as far as i'm concerned, they were over before they were introduced.

    potentially cute for small leather goods (wallets, agendas, etc) but it's a little to much for an entire BAG.
  5. I love my MC koala wallet, it's just so gorgeous and fun, probably the "funnest" piece in my collection.

    That said, I don't know if I could really work a MC handbag... I love the way they look and would own one if I had disposable income, but I think I would only take it out for special occasions. It's a real attention getter.

    And oh, the MC fakes... they are just horrific. I saw one last week that literally made me grimace. It was an abomination.
  6. I have conflict with this. I have a huge Multicolor(don't know names), baby one , white one...leaving tonight with my spy hologram hobo and my whiskey paddington for long vacation - and still desperately want to take some of my multicolors.:sad: They just punch up so many regular outfits like juicy sweatsuits etc... I think I still love them ....

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  7. I love them too. It makes me happy to carry my LV Multicolor trouville. All the colors just brighten my day :smile:
  8. That's a really good way of putting it! The colors do make me happy and stimulate something in my brain...
  9. I actually liked the MC line much more once I realised it was still being sold. I can't explain why, I just felt better knowing it wasn't a one-time thing. Makes it less of an 'it' bag, which is good cos it'll last longer. And I love all the colours - reminds me of Skittles. :biggrin:
  10. They are sooooo OVER. I remember reading an article where Patricia Field, the stylist for Sex and the City, asking why Sarah Jessica Parker would even buy a multicolor bag. Patricia said Sarah could only carry it for one season (the season it was hot) and then afterwards would have to burn it. Because the bag is loud, it does tend to scream "sooooo last last last season".

    Sorry to the MC lovers out there!
  11. i like the mc line, but i think i would have preferred for it to stay limited instead of making it a permanent line. like the grafitti or the cherry blossom.
  12. i still love the line.. i actually want a speedy in it still
  13. And we all know Patricia Field is Gospel right :amuse: :nuts: ;) ?? I still like them, still think they're especially pretty during the summer.
  14. I still love the MC line. I don't own any of the MC pieces, but I'd love to.
  15. If you're a celebrity, that can't be seen in public in a $1800 outfit twice, the MC line might be over but if you're the "average Joe" the LV Multicolore will never be "over" I think it's a classic line. If you're a true connoisseur of handbags, the MC should be in your collection. Proud owner (always will be) of the Speedy MC.