International shipping of exotic CL`s.

  1. NO you should be fine. :biggrin:
  2. I'm assuming that you have someone that will actually sign for the package in the US and ship them to you in Dubai? If so, then clothing is right about having to change the address on your current cc or open up a new cc with your US address on the application. Also, as long as there are no regulations barring importation of exotic-skin tems into your home country, you should be good.
  3. I'm a little worried about shipping to Canada. I will be purchasing a pair of CL exotics from the US via eBay but I'm not sure if I should ask them to send it to me labeled just as "shoes" or should I send them to my cousin who lives in Hawaii...what do you guys think? TIA!
  4. Its actually a forwarding service with DHL... Its specifically created for people who want something from the US but require a US shipping address as said item or store ships only within the US... Its called Easy shopping or something... Anyway... I say why not try it... Least of all I'd get an experience out of it and can later let everyone know how it went! :biggrin:
  5. Im bumping this thread as i was just talking to another tpfer about shipping exotics.

    Be VERY careful shipping exotic shoes into the USA, regardless of what you write on the outside of the box if the shoes appear to be exotic or the box is labeled python, they WILL be seized and liey destroyed.

    I mailed a pair of pythons from canada to the usa and the outside only said shoes but customs opened the box and saw the shoes and seized them. They were seized by fish and wildlife and jenay and i were told they would be destroyed! It took us over 2 weeks of practically begging to get the shoes returned to me, they did warn me if canadian customs opened the package on the way back in they would seize them as well. You need a license to import exotics, its not worth being out the money and the shoes.

    Just a heads up to people who may not know this! I believe watersnake is ok but python is NOT.
  6. Did you get back the shoes?

    I hope so.
  7. we were very lucky that we did. I think we were dealing with a lady that had good shoe taste so she didn't destroy them, the first 10 people we talked to were all about destroying those lovely shoes...
  8. Great that you got the shoes back.

  9. I'm sorry I've never order from the online website. I've only order from the boutiques.:smile:
  10. I*ordered*a*pair*of*CL*python*pumps*from*the*CL*boutique*in*US*to*Australia*and*was*overjoyed*that*they*were*willing*to*ship*to*Australia.*But*my*joy*was*shortlived*when*i*was*informed*that*the*pumps*has*to*be*returned*back*to*US*because*of*wildlife*skin*restrictions.*So*Aussies*buying*from*US*online*CL*boutique*got*to*be*more*careful*over*exotic*skin.*Am*still*very*depressed*over*it*:nogood:

  11. Really stupid question, but this also applies to sending python shoes from USA to Canada as well, right? I told the buyer that I will check to see if it is legal before we made a deal, but the way things are looking, I can't ship them legally.
  12. Hi guys is ostrich exotic? I found a pair of Mad Martas but now I'm being told they can't be shipped to the US. Is there any hope for me other than having the shoes sent to a friend in the EU and then having him bring them with him the next time he comes? Thank you!