I'm in love with the much maligned Prada Inside Bag

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  1. Have you got the link handy? Want to check something.
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  3. Thank you! It's an absolute "love or hate" bag isn't it! The first time I saw it I thought, "OMG! It looks like lady parts :amazed:" and then after a while it grew on me!" haha!

    Most of my bags are rather classically shaped so I like the fact this bag is modern, fun, extremely unique whilst actually verging on 'weird' and has a casual, slouchy vibe! If I wasn't so late to the party I would have gotten this colour combo (or it's exact reverse) in ostrich. Prada told me there is a pink one in Paris and a yellow one in London both in ostrich but neither of those colours are "me" so my wallet is breathing a biiiiig sigh of relief.

    Sorry to blabber on, I know this isn't a chat thread but THANK YOU @Prada Psycho !! I've never really purchased off of official brand websites before and you have opened my eyes to just how dangerous that can be. I wouldn't do it in a hurry and your help eventually steered me to find my dream Prada bag from the best imaginable place!! :smile:
  4. Oh gosh, wait...this is a chat thread! Sorry, thought we were in the Authentication forum for a moment there! :P I will certainly share photos of my new bag when she lands!

    I imagine this style will be laid to rest now but I'd rather like to see the inside bag in lilac/mint green.
  5. Actually, this would be the place to chat about things like this. It's appropriate to the thread subject. The Authentication thread isn't for conversation, but we're more lenient here on the Prada forum about that, within reason of course.
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  7. In case anyone wants to buy, here's an ostrich Prada inside. I heard about this consignment shop on TPF, and I think that person was even able to get their bag on a deal so if anyone's interested it's worth a shot! (Not affiliated, just your average TPFer online shopping haha) http://duetboutique.com/shop/handbags/prada-inside-bag-ostrich/
  8. I know I am a late comer to own this bag! It's better than never :smile:
    Found her at the outlet today, with a huge discount, so it's meant to be!!
    Insidebag 2.jpg

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