Identify This Valentino

  1. OP sorry for replying so late!

    LL is correct: It is a FW2009 bag. At, they gave this bag a very generic name: Medium Leather Bag :lol:. It was made of nappa leather and it retailed for $1,195.

    Attached is a pic of the black version.
  2. Can't figure out what your Valentino is called, or from what season? Please post pics here and we'll help you out as best we can!
  3. OH YEA Ashley Great Idea... I never know the Names of My bags....
  4. ^Haha, I have liked this clutch since I first saw it when it came out. It is the Satin Bow-Front Clutch.

    By the way, either the price for this clutch went up by at least a couple hundred dollars or the seller is trying to make a profit/overpriced it. It retailed just under 900 dollars in 2009.
  5. ^thanks so much! it really is gorgeous. i believe the seller is trying to make a profit too, based on their other items
  6. Great idea LL!!

    That cluth is from F/W 2009. Not sure about the name but I think it's called Front Bow Clutch, and it retailed for $895.
  7. Wow, different name than what is listed as "Satin Bow Front Clutch" on Net-A-Porter, Polyvore, and Neiman Marcus, etc. I like it though, more distinguishable.
  8. The Valentino bags have different names on different websites sometimes. And the Valentino website rarely gives names at all! MGA is the queen bee when it comes to naming though...
  9. Hahaha thank you LL! I must say that sometimes the names puzzle me. Even at boutiques they sometimes don't know how a certain bag is called.
  10. Hello I just purchased this my first Valentino Handbag from Saks for a great price, but do not know its name. Maybe someone here on the forum knows. Thanks! :smile:
  11. Hi! Congrats! It's a beautiful bag.

    It's one of the sequined bags from the FW2010 Collection. Each retailer gave the bag a different name, used to call it "Top Handle Bag".

    Here is a picture from
  12. congrats its lovely!
  13. Thank you very much!